Is God working behind the scenes by way of the formation of the modern political state of Israel in 1948?

Did this happen in fulfillment of biblical prophecy?

We cannot really say what God is doing “behind the scenes,” and the pre­sent political state of Israel will no doubt factor into the events of the end times. But we have doubts that the verses used to substantiate the 1948 event as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy actually pertain to that specific event. It seems very clear to us that Isaiah 43:5-8 is referring to the future gathering of the Jews during the Tribulation, prior to the establishment of the Millennial Kingdom. This same truth is affirmed in Deuteronomy 30:1-10, Mark 13:26 and 27 and Matthew 24:31. On the other hand, Israel has to be a country in order for the biblical prophecies to be fulfilled, so even if the creation of the state of Israel is not the fulfillment of a specific prophecy, it can still be seen as God setting the stage so prophecy can be fulfilled.

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