Introduction: The Gift of Holy Spirit: The Power to be Like Christ

[This article was taken from our book The Gift of Holy Spirit: The Power to be like Christ.]

The gift of holy spirit is one of the greatest gifts that God has ever given, and we will show from Scripture that each and every Christian has this precious gift sealed within himself. We will also show that because of the indwelling of holy spirit, each and every Christian can manifest the power of God. As we study the verses that, in the Greek text, contain the words pneuma (spirit) and hagion (holy), it will become apparent that these words are used to refer to God, who is both “holy” and “spirit,” and therefore called “the Holy Spirit,” and also to God’s gift to mankind, which is both “holy” and “spirit” and is therefore referred to as “holy spirit.” Not distinguishing between God the Giver and the gift He gives has caused great error and confusion in Christianity. In this book we will attempt to clearly set forth that distinction.

As we understand what “the holy spirit” is and how we receive it, we can manifest the power of holy spirit in our lives and receive great blessings. After all, God, by way of the Lord Jesus, gave the gift of holy spirit to equip and enable each Christian to bless the Body of Christ and mankind in general. This gift gives each Christian real spiritual power that he can use day by day. As Jesus said, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit [holy spirit] comes on you…” (Acts 1:8a). The power that each Christian has is very real, and very helpful. Scripture declares that the power of holy spirit is “for the common good” (1 Cor. 12:7b). It is good for the individual, good for the Body of Christ, and even good for all mankind, because all those in your world are blessed when you walk in God’s power.

We are aware there are many Christians who do not manifest spiritual power. Some believe the power of holy spirit was available only in the first century, and is not for today. Others believe that the power is available, but is not for them. Others simply have not been taught how to use it or have not been convinced of the value of it. We trust that we can set forth the truth and logic of Scripture clearly enough so that anyone searching for truth will see that every Christian not only has holy spirit, but can also manifest the power of God. As with every spiritual matter, our unwavering standard to distinguish truth from error is the written Word of God.

In setting forth the truth about the gift of holy spirit, we will clarify from Scripture key terms such as “baptized in holy spirit,” “anointed,” and “filled with” holy spirit. We believe that if Christians correctly understand and properly apply the truths conveyed by these terms, their walk with the Lord will be greatly enhanced. Furthermore, if each Christian knows and uses biblical terminology, it will help to generate more unity among Christians. The central thesis of this study is that all Christians have been given the same power of God, holy spirit, and each has avenues to utilize that power.

Scripture teaches the Body of Christ is like the human body; no part is unimportant; each part has been placed specifically by God and the Lord Jesus; and each part is essential to the fluid working of the whole body. In the Body of Christ, which is the Church, we do not all have the same function, but we can each function with the same power of holy spirit. As we will see, God’s Word states a person is filled with holy spirit at the moment he is born again. It is empowering for each Christian to know he can manifest the power of the spirit, and the experience of walking daily with the Lord in one’s own calling makes life meaningful and exciting.

We realize there is a lot of confusion about the gift of holy spirit among Christians today, and again we must emphasize that the written Word of God takes precedence over sincere Christian opinion. At stake is not only the integrity of God’s Word, but also our practical application of it to the end of true Christian unity. We will see Scripture shows clearly that the way God becomes our Father is by birthing us, and in birth we receive the fullness of His divine nature, which, being both “holy” and “spirit,” is referred to as “holy spirit.” The Bible also teaches at the moment one is born again, he receives all the spiritual power or ability he will ever receive from the Lord. Over time he may learn to manifest more of the power he has, but he was “filled” with holy spirit when he was born again, and he can never get more than “filled.” Also we will see there is a sign by which each Christian can know for sure he has received God’s gift and is filled with His spirit, and that sign is speaking in tongues.

If you have been confused about holy spirit, it will bless you immensely to learn that when you confessed Jesus as Lord and believed God raised him from the dead (Rom. 10:9), you received a magnificent gift from the Lord Jesus—the gift of holy spirit, containing all you will ever need to manifest the love and power of God. When you were saved, you were once and for all born again, anointed, baptized with holy spirit and forever filled (to capacity) with holy spirit, which is the divine nature of God.

The gift of holy spirit is every Christian’s divine deposit. One of the dictionary definitions of the word “deposit” is “anything given as security or in partial payment.” The divine deposit that God has already given to each Christian is only a token of what He will one day do for us. The word “deposit” is also defined as “anything laid away or entrusted to another for safekeeping.” God has placed this gift in us and entrusted us to use it to His glory.

In examining God’s divine deposit, we will see why being “born again” is a must for every human being who desires true life. Then we will look at what it means to be born again, and what one receives in his new birth. We will examine the vital difference between the Giver (God, the Holy Spirit) and the gift of His divine nature (holy spirit). Next we will consider the subject of water in Scripture, and then set forth what God’s Word says about each of the pertinent “liquid” terms used in Scripture.

After that, we will see the one gift of holy spirit has a number of manifestations that are readily available to every Christian. In closing, we will set forth from Scripture our completeness in Christ, and upon that basis, exhort all of us to walk boldly in him. God’s giving us the gift of holy spirit is similar to His giving a carpenter a toolbox full of precision tools—we are well positioned to do great things, but we must learn how to use what we have. We pray your heart will burn within you as the simplicity of God’s Word (His heart to us) is set before you, that you will rejoice in all you have been freely given, and you will walk your personal path of righteousness in the power of God’s gift of holy spirit.

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