Introduction – Of Decaf and Delight

Ever since I hit my late teens, one of my favorite morning routines has been grabbing a cup of coffee and either writing for a few hours or gazing out the window while I reflect on the stuff of life. While I’ve traded my familiar Espresso roast for decaf and become more attuned to which seasons of life require the writing vs. the resting, one thing remains true: I love these mornings. They’re a true, absolute delight, a time to get in touch with the broad spectrum of emotions humming under my surface—either through writing them out or exploring them with thought.

One of the books of the Bible that resonates most with me is the Psalms, because to me they represent the full range of human emotion; joy and despair, longing and loss, hope and fear, love and sorrow, mourning and exultation. The psalmists questioned God in their grief and praised Him for His goodness. This precious book to me is like a gentle guide reminding us it’s all right to feel deeply in this faith journey, to cry out to God, to ask Why and How long and even Are You listening?  But they also exhort with praise and triumph in the might of our ever-loving, ever-saving God, our rescuer, redeemer, and shield. 

When it comes to blogging—like feelings, like psalms—you can run a whole gamut! From short to long, anecdotal to theological, pastoral to preaching. But as I sat with my decaf and dwelled on my delight one day, asking God what I should write for a new blog series after more than a year diving deep into certain words of Scripture, I felt that tug in my heart.

Take them on a journey with you through the heart of the psalms.

So that’s where we’re going, friends. My hope is that the blogs in this series will be something you can enjoy with your coffee, or tea, or whatever your drink of choice; something you can find delight in and reflection on while you start your day,

We’re told in Romans 15:4 that “…whatever was written previously was written to teach us, that through perseverance and through the encouragement of the scriptures we would have hope.” I don’t know about you, but I find so much encouragement in the Psalms regardless of whether I’m having a day of dancing or of mourning. So I hope you’ll enjoy reading through these reflections and insights on the psalms; I hope they’ll help your heart connect even deeper with these often-familiar passages. 

Mostly, I hope you find delight in them, joy in the Lord, and peace and strength. That’s my prayer for you, with coffee in hand and eyes fixed ahead. 

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  1. Thanks Renee, you have given the Lord much to work with. Looking forward to your perspectives of Psalms and their special relationship with us today.
    Bless you and your little one.

    1. Thank you so much, James! Exploring the Psalms with God as my guide, particularly for this series, has been so powerful! Truly a blessing! Love to you and yours as well! <3

  2. That was cool,I woke up sad in heart,stuff I just recently come to address.After prayer,confide to friend{r},I found some comfort in psalms{69&112}.It was actually,quite godly.Any thing that gets me intune with “Christ in me”.Emotions and all.let’s go psalms

    1. I love this, Steve! So true that Psalms really are a great gateway to get in touch with the emotions that relate to “Christ in me.” We have such a powerful heritage of God-fearing people who struggled with sadness, despair, uncertainty, etc., as well as worship, praise, strength, and joy, and laid such a great and honest trail through it all for people like us to follow. What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your heart, I hope it is lighter today!

  3. I think this is a great idea, especially with all we’ve been going through. Thanks for all you do. This is an amazing fellowship leading forward with truth. God Bless.

    1. Thank you so much, Nancy!! My “verse of this season” in life has definitely been from Esther 4:14 – “For such a time as this.” Definitely have felt that God is laying certain things on my plate to be shared at certain times, and I truly believe this is one of them! Hope these Psalm-reflections are a blessing to you, sister!

  4. Inspired idea – looking forward to this! God bless you and may the Lord continue to work in
    you for this series on the Psalms

    1. Thank you so much, Michael! I truly hope you enjoy reading it! 🙂

  5. As always, well written, Renee – – I’m not sure about the decaf, but I have also been spending quite a bit of time in Psalms lately, just enjoying the humanness and the continued drive to God’s heart. I’m looking forward to seeing what you write in your future blogs… May God bless you and Danny richly!

    1. Thank you, Dave! I agree, reading the Psalms just paints such a rich, relatable picture of the pursuit of God! Hopefully this series is just as enjoyable with full-caf, half-caf, or even tea if you’re feeling adventurous! 😉 Love to you and the family!!

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