Giving these two cuties a treat is always an interesting endeavor. When I do, I’ve often noticed a big difference in the direction of their heads and also in their hearts. In the picture, it’s pretty easy to see Bailey (on the right with the red bandana) is looking at me. You see, I had just brought out two of their favorite treats and set them on the counter to the left in order to free up my hands to ask the dogs (with both verbal and hand gestures) to go through some of their cool moves, like “sit” and “lay down”. 

Bailey (on the right) is focused in on me. Although she saw me set the treat down on the counter, she knows that it is by way of me that the treat gets transferred to her. We have a good relationship. She watches carefully for direction, is eager to please, and waits patiently, although sometimes with a little drool, for me to give her the treat after our training. She seems to just delight in working together! I love giving her treats and surprising her with more than one sometimes just for this reason. 

Cabella (on the left) is very intelligent, but she is too much of a “foody” for her own good. She should know by now that the treat comes to her by my hand. However, in her urgency for the treat, she seems to forget that the inanimate, helpless treat sitting on the counter is completely unable to get itself to her without my intervention. Nonetheless, she stares intently at it, unable to focus on me, my requests, or my leading, because all she can focus on is the treat. It appears she doesn’t have the time to give her attention over to me, because, well, the TREAT is right there! If only she would remember that I had access to not only the whole box of treats, but even the whole treat store!

The scenario reminds me of how sometimes I can tend to focus on a particular desired blessing rather than the Great Giver, the favor rather than the One who favors, or the provision rather than the Provider. How often do we act like Cabella in forgetting where all these good things really come from? 

Matthew 6:21 tell us that “Where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Let’s remember that our Treasure is wrapped up in our relationship with our Creator and Savior. God and Jesus are the ones who love us, bless us, enlighten us, provide for us, protect us, empower us, and yes, even “treat” us. 

In Psalm 37:4 we are invited to Delight ourselves in the Lord, and He will give us the desires of our hearts. 

The blessings we are chasing are, in many cases, ones that God already wants us to have and is trying to get to us. When we delight in Him, are willing to attend to His requests, follow His lead, and wait patiently for Him (with or without drool), our reward will come. And it’s powerful, special, and personal when it comes to us from His hand. He knows us, loves us and wants good things for us. When we delight ourselves in Him, we are blessed double. He knows it satisfies our hearts to be tuned in to Him. We then can work with Him and He can help us use some of our “cool moves” to bless others, awaken hearts to His call, and advance His Kingdom. By working with Him, we keep ourselves in a position and condition of heart that makes it really easy to bring blessings our way. 

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