Good Comes from God – Of Decaf and Delight

His glory is great through your deliverance.
You place splendor and majesty upon him.

It’s a classic plot device in many movies, shows, and books: a character wins the day with the help of his plucky companions, only to disregard them and hog the spotlight when it’s on him. We see this and usually roll our eyes, overcome with indignation. What kind of jerk honestly would do that to the friends who helped him succeed? How can anyone be that selfish?

Yet in my own life, I encounter that same slippery slope more often than I even realize—at least before I’m standing at the bottom of it, bruised from the tumble down. When I look back up, I see God above me and I remember…when I got the glory for something He empowered, enabled, and inspired me to do, I didn’t acknowledge His part in it at all. I hogged the spotlight for myself.

I love this simple section of Psalm 21 because it stands to me as such a sharp reminder: nothing good that we have really comes apart from God. Deliverance, life, crowns of honor, blessings, the desires of our hearts—all attributed to God! Like the Psalmist says, our glory—everything great about us—is great through Yahweh’ deliverance. Through what He does in our lives. Not through our own might, not by the strength of our hands. What sort of strength is that? We can’t deliver ourselves! Yet our glory is great through God’s deliverance. It’s Him who places splendor and majesty on us, not us on ourselves and certainly not us on God!

How often do we truly remember to give God the glory when He delivers us and answers our prayers? Do we keep in mind that any glory we receive should be reflected on the One who made us? It’s so important to remember that God is the one who gives us life and grace and deliverance; that He’s the one to whom the glory should be, forever and ever. Any we receive is as a result of His splendor and might.

There is no other like our God, who uplifts and upholds us, who strikes down our enemies and delivers us. So let’s be sure that as He works on our behalf, providing for our needs, we never forget to acknowledge, honor, and give praise and glory where they are due: to the One who is exalted above all others, who delivers us and gives us life! Amen!

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