Get the Passion for Christ!

The critics are raving: “What a movie!”

The Ultimate Critic, God Almighty, says (in His Word): “What a MAN!”

The next time you see a crossbar, maybe at the health club, a gym, or even a sturdy, low-hanging tree limb, jump up and grab it and see how long you can hang from it. As you’re hanging, notice what’s happening in your body as discomfort begins and slowly but steadily increases into pain. I do this each time I work out just to stretch myself a bit. After about two minutes, I’m feeling very uncomfortable.

What about hanging for six hours, with a huge spike driven through each wrist and another through your crossed feet, each spike rubbing against the medial nerve in your body—and that after about 40 hours of bloody torture and no sleep? With a jeering crowd cursing you, and no one standing up for you, would you be likely to hold the Word of God in your mind and carry out its blueprint for those crucial moments? Would you truly forgive your executioners?

Almost incomprehensively, to us, Jesus did.

How? By absolutely trusting and obeying the word of his heavenly Father all the way to his last breath. The Old Testament, written primarily for Jesus, was the “script” given to him. As a man with genuine free will (“the Last Adam”), it was up to Jesus whether or not to take the part of Redeemer. Seeing that Abraham, Isaac, Joseph, Moses, Samuel, David, Job, Isaiah, et al, had staked their lives upon his doing so, and “for the joy that was set before him,” he said “Yes!”

What’s more, Jesus said that you and I can be like him and do the works that he did! How? By trusting and obeying that same God—and he has promised to walk beside each of us and mentor us in the art of faith.

Through the centuries, well meaning Christian theology has de-emphasized the humanity of Jesus almost to the point of negating any true identification we believers today can have with him. But Scripture itself does no such thing. Rather, the Word of God paints a vivid portrait of a man who was “tempted in all ways as we are” and who is thus “touched with the feeling of our infirmities.”

In that light, what one reviewer of The Passion of the Christ said is most incisive:

“He was ‘obedient, all the way to the cross’—and you feel the real meaning of that phrase in a place the human heart usually doesn’t dare to go. You understand that we are called to that same level of obedience. With Jesus’ humanity so irresistibly on display, you understand that we have no excuse. There is no place to hide.”

How can we tap into the reservoir of Jesus’ heart so as to re-present him in this dying world? How can we make his passion for God and for people our passion? How can we thank him for his ultimate sacrifice for each of us? The written Word of God that Jesus loved so much contains the answers to these questions, as well as every other question relevant to knowing The Man and showing the world his heart.

Thousands of people have seen this film in theaters around the world and many have struggled with the questions that it raises. This is an awesome opportunity for Christians everywhere to help their non-believing friends to understand the meaning of Jesus’ life, death and resurrection.

Our goal is to provide a solid foundation for those seeking to intimately know Jesus Christ and everything he did, is doing, and will do for us.

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