Further study on the doctrine of the Trinity

The orthodox definition of the Trinity is said to be: “A three-fold personality existing in one divine being or substance; the union in one God of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit as three infinite, co-equal, co-eternal persons; one God in three persons.”

We certainly recognize how important, how volatile, and how potentially polarizing is the subject of the Trinity. In fact, though it is sad to say, throughout Church history from about 400 AD to about 1800 AD, countless people were put to death for refusing to believe in the idea of “one God in three persons.” We believe that the reason that thousands of Christian people throughout the ages have stood against the Trinity, even with the threat of death, is that it is not in fact a biblical doctrine, but a man-made one.

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  1. I had a note in my studies to the effect that since neither Jesus, nor the Apostles ever taught Trinity, and no one before John, the last of the biblical writers ever wrote anything which [can even be twisted to appear that it] supports Trinity, the early fathers were concerned: a doctrine that important should have been mentioned. Or, it may have been the divinity question. I cannot find this reference. Do you have an idea where I can track it down?

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