Finding Wisdom – Of Decaf and Delight

Yahweh’s law is perfect,
restoring the soul.
Yahweh’s testimony is sure, 
making wise the simple.

Where do you go to find wisdom?

I once read a study that assessed the difference in mental maturity between children in regular vs. homeschooled settings. On average, though homeschoolers were further behind on social norms, their maturity and intelligence often ranked higher than those in the public school system due to one simple correlating fact: the homeschooled segment had a broader range of hands-on interaction from various age groups (parents, siblings, elders, fellow homeschoolers in co-ops ranging from K-12), while those taught by a teacher at the front of the room and spending most of their one-on-one interaction with those in their class were what the study referred to as “peer-raised”; they had plenty of understanding of social norms, but lacked the generational wisdom that came from being invested in a more organic, multigenerational setting. (That’s not to say every child in a traditional school setting is immature or grows to be an immature adult, simply that they tended to hit maturity milestones more slowly than their homeschooled peers, the study found.)

This study has fascinated me for a long time, because it highlighted with such force the deep impact of where we draw our wisdom from. It affects everything from our understanding of the world to our mental growth, intelligence, maturity, planning, decision-making, etc. As Christians, we should have a deep appreciation and understanding of wisdom and make it a principal thing, as the Book of Proverbs tells us. In fact, God tells us we should seek wisdom above all things—just like King Solomon did.

So, where do we find wisdom? This verse in Psalm 19 lays it out perfectly: it comes from Yahweh. Our simplicity is purified into life-changing wisdom when we follow His law, His testimony, His commands. This chapter goes on to describe how God’s precepts and commandments bring light to the eye and joy to the heart; when we draw our learning and inspiration from Him, we will be restored.

Certainly, there are people among us who can impart wisdom—those younger, older, those who are our peers, those in authority over us, working below us, or serving alongside us. But the ultimate source of wisdom is God Himself. Everything we hear, everything that’s imparted to us must be passed through the lens of His teachings. They warn and reward us; the sacred wisdom of Yahweh sets a lamp before our feet.

Every day, we should be seeking God’s Word as the source of wisdom by which we conduct our lives. That way we’re assured of righteous conduct and walking in the footsteps of our Maker!

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