Don’t Christians disagree about even the most basic Christian truths?

Although Christians vary greatly in their doctrines, they agree on most of the basic Christian truths. It is sad that some people use the fact that Christians disagree with each other as an excuse to not believe the Bible. It is not news that Christians disagree about some things the Bible says. There are many denominations in the world, and most of them claim to base what they believe on the Bible. Because of these disagreements, there are some people who have ignored the Christian faith. They say, “There are so many opinions, I just do not know what to believe.” While on the surface this looks like a good reason for ignoring Christianity, the Bible, and the biblical claim of everlasting life through Jesus Christ, a deeper look reveals that it is not.

While it is true that Christians argue about rituals and doctrines, there are some very basic doctrines all Christians adhere to and believe. One is that there is a God who has made everlasting life available through His Son, Jesus Christ. Everlasting life is not a small issue, and the fact that all Christians agree that it is available through Jesus Christ should not be taken lightly. Since all Christians agree salvation is available through Christ, we can be quite sure that is what the Bible says.

Another thing Christians agree on is that God is love, and Christians should love God and their neighbors. Christians also agree that clear commandments such as do not murder, do not steal, do not covet, do not lie, etc., should be followed. Christians agree that prayer is important, and so is giving to the needy. A deeper look at Christianity reveals there are many things about which Christians agree. Thus, the argument that “Christians disagree over everything” is not correct. Since all Christians believe God has made everlasting life available through His Son, Jesus Christ, and since obtaining everlasting life is the most important thing anyone can do in this life, it makes sense to check out Christianity even if Christians disagree about some other points of Scripture.

It is also important to realize that although Christians argue about some points of doctrine, all of them claim they are comforted by what they believe and that it has enriched their lives. This makes sense even though it does not mean, “Whatever you want to believe is okay with God.” There is no question that some Christians misunderstand what the Bible actually teaches. Nevertheless, God may bless these people anyway because each Christian is a child of God, a member of His family. Like any father, God works to bless His children even if they misunderstand what He says. God knows people are fallible, and so He shows grace and mercy to those who have come to Him for salvation and everlasting life. The fact Christians disagree about some points of doctrine should not cause anyone to turn away from the Bible; rather it should cause people to renew their efforts to study the Bible and discover for themselves exactly what God does say.

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