Didn’t the men God spoke to make mistakes?

[This article was taken from our book The Bible: You Can Believe It.]


I have occasionally heard it stated that even if God spoke to men, what they wrote cannot be trusted because men make mistakes. That is an unreasonable and unfounded belief. Imagine the following situation: you are the president of a large corporation and you have a secretary. You call your secretary into your office because you want to dictate a letter. After you finish dictating, you ask to see a copy for review, and a little later a copy shows up on your desk. You take one look at it and immediately recognize it is nothing like the letter you dictated. If this happened more than once, you would probably fire the secretary. A good secretary would be able to get what you said written down word for word with no problem at all. So ask yourself, “Is God less knowledgeable of a person’s abilities and skills than a corporate president?” Do you think He might know who is going to accurately record what He says? God picked the men He could trust to get it right, just as you would. By the way, does the secretary have to know everything the president knows to accurately record what he says? The answer is an obvious, “No.”

The assertion that the Bible must be full of errors because men wrote it down is just that—an assertion. I know of no book written by a Bible critic that definitively lists the specific doctrines or verses supposedly corrupted by man’s influence. If modern scholars and critics really believed that part of the Bible was from God (which would be more valuable than gold), and part of it was from man (which would have modest value at best), then we would expect to see a huge amount of effort being expended to sort out man’s words from God’s words, and recover the true words of God. There is no such effort, which reveals that the critics do not actually believe that “some” of the Bible is from God. They only say it has man’s mistakes in it to discredit it and to have a reason to ignore it. Wise people are not fooled by the unproven assumption that the Bible contains man’s mistakes. Wise people believe, and live by, the Bible.

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