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Revised English Version® (REV®) and Commentary

Our on-going Bible translation project is called the Revised English Version® (REV®). We call it the REV because we are presenting a revised version of earlier English versions, primarily the American Standard Version of 1901 (ASV), which we have used as the base text for our work, modifying it when we feel it is appropriate. We have worked to keep the REV as a literal translation whenever appropriate, like the ASV or King James. It is not a “dynamic equivalent translation,” such as the NIV, although there are times when, to make good sense in English, we had to depart from a strictly literal translation. Our goal is to eventually have an “essentially literal” translation of the Bible that more closely represents biblical truth than any other translation currently on the market, and also one that is written in today’s English. We think we can do that because we believe a person has to understand the meaning of the text correctly to be able to translate it correctly. Furthermore, one’s theology always affects the way that person will translate the text. It is our assertion that there are theological issues that we understand more correctly than most translators, and thus our translation will reflect that theology. We are making it available online for free (with Commentary) here!

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  1. I was reading the REV online and it reads great. Which manuscripts did you use to translated? Will you have it available in a leather binding? Bless you for your work. Looking forward to hearing back from you.

  2. Yes, we will! It is in development now!

  3. Hi I would like to know when this bible will be out for publication in book form?

    Have you seen the VOICE translation?

    1. It should be going to print in the spring of 2014.

  4. Because I think that “Praying” To Jesus is Correct But is Extremely Apostolistic, I think you shall know that the Correct and Accurate Biblical Based Prayer Teaching of Jesus The Messiah is pray in his name.

  5. I have never been clear about the New American Standard Bible. Does it also use the 1901 American Standard Version as it’s basis? If so, is this REV Bible an updated version of the NASB or is the NASB not related to the ASV (but just happens to have ‘American Standard’ in it’s title)? I have always been told that the NASB is the most accurate translation (although certainly not the most easily understandable). Is this REV also claiming to be the most accurate?

    1. The New American Standard Bible is a revision of the American Standard Version of 1901. The Revised Standard Version (c. 1950s) was considered too liberal by some, and so instead of revising that, the translators went back to the 1901.

      The New American Standard Bible is considered by many to be the most literal and accurate Bible on the market. However, as anyone who compares it to Young’s Literal Version (which itself is not always literal), the NASB has to make many compromises to be even readable. The average person just does not realize how unreadable a truly literal version would be (actually, we could not even make one because there is much in the Hebrew and Greek that cannot be exactly reproduced in English).

      The NASB, being very literal, is hard to read, as are all truly literal versions. Also, the vocabulary of the NASB is tuned to an 11th grade reading level, which is above the reading level of the majority of Americans today. By comparison, the ESV is tuned to an 8th grade reading level.

      The REV started as a revision of the American Standard Version of 1901, but has now, after 14 years of work, moved mostly beyond that and stands on its own as a unique translation. Is it the most accurate translation? We think so, but what you think about that depends on your theology. A Trinitarian or Calvinist would think that the REV is a terrible perversion in some places, because we translate in a way that does not support those theologies. Of course, we feel the same about their versions.

      The REV is not a “finished work.” We fully expect to find many places where we can improve the translation in the upcoming years. We have felt for a long time that the REV was ready to publish, but at the same time, since we knew we would keep improving it, we held off. The fact that the NIV1984 was replaced by the much more Trinitarian and liberal NIV2011, and the NIV84 is no longer being made available to the public, even electronically, helped us make the decision to publish the REV in hardcopy at this time.

  6. When do you expect that I can actually buy a hardcover copy of the REV from Amazon, or the like?

    1. WE should have it available in the bookstore anyway now. We have received the first order of 500.

  7. I see that the one is your store is just the New Testament. Will you be putting out one with both the Old and New Testaments together?

    1. It took us fourteen years to produce the NT, which just became available. We are working on the OT but it will be many many years before it is published.

  8. Will the OT be placed on the stf website like the REV was?

    1. Not for a while.

  9. Hi.
    i really love your translation and respect the fact you make it available to read online for free.
    Will it available on amazon UK at any point? as i very much want to purchase a copy but sadly the extra cost of the shipping & handling makes it far too expensive for me.

    1. Not sure if it will be in Amazon David. We are exploring that possibility though.

  10. Since i wrote my last comment i have managed to purchase a copy from Amazon USA.
    I cant wait to read it with my friends.

  11. do you ever plan to make a full rev available including old testament

  12. In the past I read the nt commentary on your Rev but cannot find it now. ???

  13. Has the REV translation been put into print yet? I can’t seem to find a physical copy of it anywhere.

  14. What are your thoughts on the NLT translation and the NIV2011 translations? I know that in your videos you quote REV, NIV84, NIV, and HCSB. I was just curious as your thoughts on these version. I really have been enjoying all of your videos and teachings. So glad that I found Spirit & Truth. Thank you for your time in this matter. God Bless

  15. Will the REV be available in red letter? And, what are your thoughts on red letter? I really have been enjoying all of your videos and teachings. So glad that I found Spirit & Truth. Thank you for your time in this matter. God Bless

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