A Journey Through the Old Testament – Free Online Bible Study Seminar

This seminar is available online for free or for purchase on CD through our online store.

A 26-hour presentation designed to give you a scope and understanding of the chronology and important events of the Old Testament, which is the foundation for understanding the New Testament.

As such, the teachings are full of practical keys to Christian living today. Genesis through Malachi is the same training manual that shaped the life of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Much biblical geography, customs, culture and history is set forth as many biblical characters come to life in this dynamic teaching.

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Session 1. Introduction, Why Study the Old Testament?, Overview of the Old Testament

Session 2. Suggested Order of Reading the Old Testament, Genesis 1:1-25

Session 3. Man Enters the Picture (Woman too)

Session 4. Jesus Christ – The Coming King

Session 5. Noah and the Flood

Session 6. After the Flood, How to Use the Oxford Bible Atlas

Session 7. Abraham, the Father of all them that Believe

Session 8. Isaac, A Type of the Coming Redeemer

Session 9. Jacob and Esau

Session 10. The Origin of the Twelve Tribes of Israel, Judah–The Christ Line

Session 11. Moses: A Humble Beginning

Session 12. Moses: You Too Can Do God’s Will

Session 13. Egypt is History

Session 14. The Ten Commandments

Session 15. Moses Intercedes for Israel

Session 16. Back to Bondage, or Into the Promised Land?

Session 17. Joshua: Be Strong and Courageous

Session 18. Putting God First: Trust and Obey

Session 19. Adventures of Joshua and Israel

Session 20. Choose This Day Whom You Will Serve

Session 21. Judges: The No-Excuse Book

Session 22. Gideon: Just Do What God Says

Session 23. Samson: A Man Alone

Session 24. Samson: It’s No Joke

Session 25. Samuel: Trained by God

Session 26. The Power of God vs. Religion

Session 27. Whether by Many or by Few

Session 28. Saul, a Study in Human Nature

Session 29. Saul and David: A Difference in Heart

Session 30. The End of Saul

Session 31. David: Coming to Grips with Sin

Session 32. David: The Faithfulness of God

Session 33. Solomon: A Sad Story

Session 34. Solomon: Turning His Back on God

Session 35. The Split of the Kingdom

Session 36. The Highlights of the Kings Period, Chronology of the Kings of Judah and Israel

Session 37. Jonah: A Type of Christ

Session 38. Jonah Gets the Job Done

Session 39. Profiting from the Prophets

Session 40. Some Prophets and Some Kings

Session 41. Daniel: From Captivity to Command

Session 42. The God We Serve is Able to Save Us

Session 43. Daniel: A Faithful Man

Session 44. Because He Trusted His God

Session 45. Esther: A True Woman of God

Session 46. The Christ Line Preserved

Session 47. Malachi: The Last Prophecy of Christ

Session 48. The Kingdom of God: Paradise Regained, The Future Kingdom, Conclusion

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We hope you have enjoyed this free online seminar.

God bless you!

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  1. In the last session,you describe the world as being “destroyed”. Wouldn’t “changed” fit better? I understand that there will still be natural people on the earth when Jesus returns. Would they be able to survive the world being “destroyed”? ( you didn’t mention those people in the last session)( Kingdom of his dear son .) They must survive somehow ,otherwise there would be no need for the “two witnesses”.
    God bless you !

    1. Hi James, It’s been quite a few years since I listened to the seminar myself so I am not entirely sure what the statement was. What we know is that Christ will return with his armies (angels and those who have been rapture) at the end of the Battle of Armageddon. There will then be the “sheep and goat judgment” in which those who are alive at the end of the Tribulation will be separated into the righteous and wicked. The wicked, including the Antichrist and the false Prophet, will all be thrown ingot he Lake of fire. Satan and his demons will be bound for 1,000 years and the earth will be restored to its Paradise state. At the end of the 1,000 years Satan and his hordes will be released, they will deceive many, and they will rebel against the Lord and the righteous. Then the earth and all the elements will be destroyed and there will be a new heaven and earth. This is also the heavenly city and little is known about it except for a few clues given to us in the last chapters of Revelation. We refer to this as the Everlasting Kingdom because it will never end and we will live there with the Lord and God the Father.

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