4 Ways to Love in the Close of 2020

Phew, what a year! You don’t need me to tell you that, of course—one way or another I’m sure you’ve experienced the surreal craziness of 2020. It can be tough to look at ending a year that’s been such a roller coaster ride on a high note! But one of the things I love to talk about in my blogs, as you’ve probably seen before, it how God is a God of turning lemons into lemonade. As beings made in His image, we should just as much be looking for ways to sweeten the sour, to make the unpleasant into pleasant, to create something memorable in the best ways from the hardest times. This year is no different!

So when I sat down to write this blog and asked God what message He wanted me to convey, this was what weighed heavy on my heart: Help them turn their eyes to Me.

Gah! Tall order for a two-page blog. Yet as I mulled it over, the practical aspects began to form in my mind—four little ways out of hundreds that we can seek to shed light at the close of 2020, helping to leave an impression of light where otherwise people might only see darkness. To shine the love of God and Christ on a world in turmoil. 

So if you feel in your heart that profound ache to make something good out of the end of a tough year, keep on reading—maybe one of these four ways of showing love in the close of 2020 will inspire and motivate you!

1. Send A Letter

This year, the theme of connectivity has been front-and-center, and no season sees a greater influx of mail correspondence than between Thanksgiving and Christmas! This year, why not jot a hand-written letter to someone you love and miss? Pray for God to inspire you with a Scripture verse, passage, or a word of love, strengthening, and encouragement that will touch their hearts in a personal way. It may even be the word they’ve been waiting on from the Lord! Or, if you’re looking to reach beyond your immediate circle, consider writing to those in long-term care facilities, hospitals or hospice, etc., for whom this year may have been particularly difficult. 

2. Sow A Seed

It’s no secret that a lot of small businesses, charities, non-profits, causes, and individuals are struggling after this hard-hitting year. Prayerfully consider into whose life, business, organization etc. you could sow financially, with prayer, with gifts, or with other efforts.  There’s plenty of need out there, and it’s amazing the way those needs can be met when we make ourselves available to God’s guidance and direction. You could be the answer to someone’s prayer this holiday season!

3. Make a List and Check it Twice

Consider all the people you know and love. Write down their names and place this list somewhere you can see it easily and remember it—whether that’s on your fridge, your bathroom mirror, your dorm corkboard, a note on your phone, etc. Take time to pray for the whole list at least once a day—for their prosperity, health, wisdom, wellbeing, and anything else that comes to mind. Often the greatest gift we can give anyone is to invest in them with time on our knees before the Lord, making supplication in prayer!

4. Tell them About Jesus

There are, of course, countless other ways to end 2020 on a high note. I hope this list inspires you to seek out and act on them. There is such a desperate need for light right now—and we are the light of the world. We reflect the radiance of our Maker on a creation heavy-laden with so much darkness and uncertainty. Now is the time for the Body of Christ to unite more strongly than ever, not to hide our lights but to shine them brighter from the hilltops, a beacon to all. 

Let’s make this a year that many will never forget, for all the right reasons: the year they felt the love, light, grace, and beauty of God’s love and Jesus’s life like never, ever before. 

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  1. This piece is very timely, simple, and a blessing. Thank you,

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